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Gore's Custom Processing

To have fresh, great tasting meat, you must start from scratch. And that is what we do for you. The meat starts well fed: no hormones, no checmical enhancements or freezer tricks. It is then cut and vacuum packaged for freshness and quick frozen to preserve the flavor and great taste.

We offer beef, pork, and lamb, processed to your specifications, at prices the stores cannot offer. Purchasing meat in bulk is the most cost efficient method. Our services allow you to decide the most convenient cuts for you to cook with.

Please come by, talk to us, and let us brag about our products. We love to enlighten people about the opportunity to experience great meat and what it has to offer us all.

For Customers raising their own animals or those who want to purchase locally grown, hormone and antibiotic free meat from Gore's, custom processing is an affordable, sensible choice. This economical service lets the consumer have control over the cuts and amount of meat they need.

  • Call us to set up an appointment or order custom processed meat
  • Complete your custom cut sheet (beef, pork, or lamb) to order your favorite steak or chop thickness: in person, over the phone, via fax, or email (
  • Be prepared to wait about two weeks for beef so your meat is aged to perfection. Pork and lamb turn-around is quicker
  • The meat is paper wrapped or vacuum wrapped then it is quick-frozen for your convenience and freshness