Upcoming Events
3/20/14 -
1st Day of Spring

Get ready to fire up your grill, remember to do a maintanance check first.

4/20/14 -
Easter Sunday

Let us help with food for your gathering.
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Gore's Meats & Deli - NOW OPEN!
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Gore's Meats & Deli - NOW OPEN!
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Gore's Processing, Inc.
Professional Processing

Gore's family-owned small-business has been serving the Shenandoah Valley for 50 years. Their patrons have come to trust the quality of the finished product Gore's provides. Now the customers depend on the highest quality product to feed their own customers at restaurants, stores, and markets, but more importantly they want to give their families the very best. Jeff and Joe Gore are proud to provide the community with the very best meat selection, processed with the same safety and care they give their families.