To get Gore’s Meats in your store or restaurant please contact us today!


All meat and additional items are USDA inspected and labeled for wholesaling out of our Edinburg Foltz Plant.


Don’t forget to ask for a “We Carry Local, Fresh Gore’s Meats” sign for your business!

Gore’s Meats

We can be found up and down the Shenandoah Valley in markets from Martinsburg, WV to Waynesboro, VA. The folks of the Shenandoah Valley have come to love Gore’s Meats and many prefer to shop and eat at businesses that source from their local butcher.

Every Weekday

We deliver fresh ground sausage, ground beef, puddin’ meat, ponhoss, bacon, cheese, and more to retail grocery stores, markets and restaurants.

Order Procedure:


Choose Items and Quantities

Check out our wholesale product list. For current prices please call us at 540-984-8138 or contact us.


Call in your order to 540-984-8138

We will discuss delivery if you are meeting our minimums to deliver and if you are in delivery range. Otherwise, pick up is available straight from our Edinburg facility. If you order weekly, we will start calling you the day before or morning of to take your order.


Complete Tax Forms

Tax forms are due at time of 1st delivery/pick up (preferred earlier though). 


Monthly Billing Option

We do offer a monthly billing option for customers on credit. Please fill out all tax forms and a credit application. Must be a reliable customer for at least 30 days on COD, have all approved forms and contact information set up in system for payment.


We accept cash and checks at the time of delivery/pick up.

Restaurants that use Gore’s Meats:

Markets/Groceries that carry Gore’s Meats

Large grocery stores: (from Waynesboro to Charlestown)