Edinburg Foltz Plant

Federally Inspected – Custom & Retail Processing
Fresh & Frozen Retail – Wholesale

A Diverse Operation

The Edinburg Foltz Plant has you covered. From meat processing for farmers, restaurants and markets, to wholesale Gore’s meats and other meat products, as well as a custom retail butcher shop.

12526 South Middle Road
Edinburg, VA 22824


Monday-Saturday – 7:30am-4pm

Our Edinburg facility is USDA federally inspected, which means meat can be sold to restaurants and groceries and then resold to the public. We slaughter for folks who raise livestock in their backyard, producers with farm markets, wholesale markets, and more. Our delivery vans run 5 days a week bringing meats and products to various shops and restaurants up and down the Shenandoah Valley. Our retail butcher shop in Stephens City, Gore’s Fresh Meats, is supplied by this facility with fresh meat deliveries daily. If you don’t need to buy in bulk, our Edinburg facility also offers beef and pork retail cuts of meat, lunch meats, cheeses and more!

Meet Josh and his team

The Edinburg Foltz Plant has been in operation for decades, even before it became part of the Gore’s corporation. We have several fine folks that have been cutting meat here since the Foltz days and we value their dedication and expertise in this industry. Since 1990, when Gore’s took over the operation, the Edinburg slaughterhouse has seen great expansion and many new faces. You’ll find the operation has grown to over 20 members of the crew and is the leader in meat processing in Shenandoah County.

From their top-performing slaughter crew to their dynamic pork processing, meticulous beef processing, efficient wrapping, pristine wholesale, and friendly retail teams, this operation is one of a kind and really moves some meat while keeping the customer’s satisfaction as a top priority.

Since returning to the family business after college, Josh has been leading the Edinburg Foltz Plant and ensuring consistency and attention to detail. You’ll be pleased with our knowledgeable, careful staff from retail meats, wholesale ordering to custom cutting your livestock to impress your family or your customers. You’ll also be amazed at the productivity this team can churn out. Please come see us in rural Edinburg, VA.


We promise, it won’t be a MissedSteak!

Retail Shop

Steaks, chops, fresh ground beef, a variety of sausages and more are custom cut to your specifications at our Gore’s Edinburg Foltz location. Our team is happy to help you decide what cut of meat you need to feed your family and what size would work best. We pride ourselves on fresh, quality meats and work hard to provide you the best customer experience. All of our products have a solid reputation in the Shenandoah Valley and our fresh ground country sausage is by far a community favorite.

Gore’s Mild loose country sausage is a best seller because of its perfect texture and wholesome flavor. We also offer the mildly seasoned sausage (a light salt and peppering) in our little link casings and in rope/stuffed/natural casings. Gore’s special blends of sage sausage and a hot breakfast sausage are also available in the loose variety. Bratwurst, Kielbasa, and Italian are also popular blends and can be found in the stuffed sausage casing ready for the grill, your favorite soup, or with pasta.

We carry a variety of Laubcher cheeses, Kunzler lunch meats and hot dogs, Kite’s Country Hams products and local cloth bologna. We will custom slice these products to your liking so you can get as little or as much as you desire.

We would be remiss if we didn’t highlight our amazing beef and pork selection because it’s one of the most impressive in the Valley. Come see us for juicy, tender cuts and have us specifically cut each one for your table.


Gore’s Meats can be found up and down the Shenandoah Valley in markets from Martinsburg, WV to Waynesboro, VA.

Every weekday we deliver fresh ground sausage, ground beef, puddin’ meat, ponhoss, bacon, cheese, etc. You’ll find Gore’s Meats in groceries, markets and restaurants.

*Look for the “We Carry” sign.


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