Stephens City Plant

I need to Make An appointment for my own livestock
(Not For-Sale)

I need to order Freezer Packs or meat in bulk

How Much Meat Will I Be Getting?

Stephens City (State inspected, not for re-sale)

You may drop off your livestock the evening before their appointment or at the very latest by 8am on the day of their appointment.
Please put your livestock in our holding pens. The holding pens are located in the back of the facility.
Please make sure all gates are LOCKED.
Make sure that your NAME and PHONE NUMBER are on the pen that your animals are in.
You will need to submit your cutting instruction sheet in a timely manner.

Processing Update

Though we aren’t as booked up as in the past 24 months, please call ASAP for appointments. 

This list is first come, first served, so call in as soon as possible for an appointment 540.869.1029.

To make an appointment for your own livestock

(Not For-Sale)

Your beef, pigs, lambs, and goats are in good hands.
Our team is specially trained in humane handling, a key component of making the best tasting meat.


We provide local livestock, custom cut to your specifications.

We will take your order over the phone or in person and we request a deposit to ensure you will come pick up your custom cut meats. After we take your order, please fill out a cutting instruction sheet (button below).

We serve first-come, first-served, so call in as soon as possible to get on it 540.869.1029. Once we have called you to get your deposit, you may fill out your cutting instruction sheet.



Cut Sheets are due at slaughter appointment for pork and lamb, within the week of beef appointment.

Not submitting your Cut Sheet will forfeit your custom cutting instructions and our standard custom Cut Sheet will be used to process your livestock. This rule also applies for folks selling their livestock to multiple customers

We will hold meat in our freezer space with no charge for 3 weeks, but if you haven’t picked it up by then a $50 charge will be incurred per week.


Slaughter Fee
Rendering Fee
Vacuum Sealed

on the hanging weight to custom cut, vacuum seal, label, quick freeze.

Beef over 30 months old

Beef over 30 months old will have the spinal column removed (no NY Strip and Porterhouse option) and charged an additional processing fee.

Dry-Age Beef over 21 days
discuss at booking


Slaughter Fee
Rendering Fee
Vacuum Sealed

on the hanging weight to custom cut, vacuum seal, label, quick freeze.


Scaled Hog Kill Fee

to remove hair and prepare carcass for bbq pit or turn on spit.

Rendering Fee
Scaled Hog Cut & Vacuum Seal
Kill & Scald Hogs Over 300lbs
$0.10/lb each lb over 300lbs


Vacuum Sealed Flat Fee

on the hanging weight to custom cut, vacuum seal, label, quick freeze.

What to Expect from a 1/4 of Beef

We offer a front quarter and a hind quarter of beef.

They break down as follows:
Each is roughly going to cost you about $650.

Front: (Charged per pound on the hanging weight, the front weighs a little more than hind so it ends up costing about the same)

  • More ground beef
  • Chuck Roast, Arm Roast, Rib Roast
  • Brisket
  • Short Ribs
  • Stew Meat
  • Rib Steaks/Boneless Ribeye Steaks

Hind: (Charged per pound on hanging weight, weighs a little less than front so it ends up costing about the same)

  • Lots of ground beef, but not as much as the front quarter
  • Rump Roast, Sirloin Tip Roast
  • London Broil/Round Steaks/Cubed Steak
  • Eye Round Steak/Roast
  • Bottom Round Roast/Cubed Steak
  • Sirloin/Kabobs/Stir Fry
  • T-Bone & Porterhouse  OR  Filet & NY Strip Steaks
  • Stew Meat
  • Shanks
  • Flank Steak

** heart/tongue, soup bones, and liver available with either front or hind**

Any cuts not wanted we will grind into ground beef.

If you want a 1/2: 
You will get cuts from the front and hind- so just double the cost– $1,300, a whole is roughly $2,600

Please note these prices are ROUGH ESTIMATES! The charge is per lb on the hanging weight and each animal is different and can have different yields.

What to Expect from a Whole Hog

*(our Stephens City location does not offer ½ hogs)

  • Shoulder Roasts/Steaks/Whole for curing/Sausage
  • Side Meat Whole (for burnt ends or making bacon)/Slices (not cured)/Sausage
  • Ham Roasts/Slices (not cured)/Whole for curing/Sausage
  • Sausage in 1lb packs or in bulk bags with 3 seasoning options (mild, sage, breakfast hot)
  • Spare Ribs
  • Backbone
  • Liver

What to Expect from a Whole Lamb

  • Loin Roast/Chops
  • Rib Roast/Chops
  • Shoulder Roast (bone in/boneless)/Chops/Kabobs
  • Leg Roast (bone in/boneless)/Chops/Kabobs
  • Burger
  • Stew Meat
  • Leg Shanks