Stephens City Plant

1426 Double Church Rd
Stephens City, VA 22655

State Inspected, Custom Processing, Frozen Retail
Phone: 540-869-1029
Fax: 540-869-1336
Hours: Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat 8-NOON
**Please Do Not arrive after noon on Saturday, there will not be someone there to load you out. Please do bring coolers/boxes/laundry baskets to take your meat home in. Thank you!

Custom Processing & Frozen Retail

The team at Gore’s Stephens City Plant focus on processing meat from slaughter to custom cutting , vacuum sealing, labeling and freezing meat. This plant is state inspected, so any meat processed here cannot be resold, which means it goes back to the farmers or the folks they’ve sold a side or quarter to. They are professional butchers and will ensure your meat is aged to perfection and cut to your specifications. They vacuum seal the cuts in clear plastic bags and quick freeze it to provide you the freshest possible meat. Gore’s will provide local meat. The meat is never injected or sealed with gases. You can be confident your family is getting fresh, healthy meat in a convenient and most cost effective way.
Please call to make an appointment or to order custom bulk meat. August to March- they book up fast!